Frequently Asked Questions

Providing integrative therapy for adults, young people and children.

Not sure what to expect or have questions about what therapy may look like for you?
Does it matter if I have not had therapy before?

Not at all everyone has to start somewhere and most clients I have worked with have been nervous before there first session- this is normal.

What kind of therapy is best for me?

Everyone is an individual and I work with clients by using an integrated approach and adjust to your needs in the sessions. Types of therapy I can use I talk through in the consulation.

Is therapy right for me?

If you are thinking about therapy it means that you are open to the idea of starting therapy, get in touch to discuss this more and it will give you an idea if it feels like the right time for you. After all you are the expert on you and you will know if it is right for you. 

What happens on the first session?

In the first session I start off with an introduction into the sessions and how they can work for you as well as covering contracting and making sure that you are clear about confidentiality. I then had over to you to take charge of the session and seeing what you want from the sessions.

What happens now?

Get in touch to arrange your appointment and find out if I may be a good fit to help with your needs.

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